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What is Informatics?

Medical informatics includes collecting, storing, retrieving, analyzing, and presenting data to achieve better health outcomes.  

Veterinary informatics is a rapidly evolving science that blends information technology, communications, social and behavioral science, and veterinary medicine, to improve the quality and safety of patient care and advance the One Health concept. 

Why Veterinary Informatics?

The answer to an age old problem:

"In attempting to arrive at the truth, I have applied everywhere for information but in scarcely an instance have I been able to obtain hospital records fit for any purpose of comparison. If they could be obtained, they would enable us to decide many other questions besides the one alluded to. They would show [us] ...what amount of good was really being done..."

Florence Nightingale in Notes on a Hospital, 1873

Association for Veterinary Informatics  2016

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